Welcome to Siren's Haunted Island!

I'm a bit overwhelmed by the possibilities here. This will probably be like... my homepage or something.
I'm super excited-- I've been wanting to practice more html & css, and this gives me a good excuse!
I'm still a novice, I just know basic html & a little bit of CSS.


Here, have a screenshot from an RPG Maker game I'm working on:

(Tiles/DLCs used: Essentials Set Z, MV Trinity Resource Pack)

To do:

Well you see...


Like I said, I'm overwhelmed with the possibilities! xD

Make a proper contact info page

Oh dang, I do have those UM manga scans... should I make a page sharing links to them?
I mean, they're super basic, pretty much on par with manga scans from a decade & a half ago, quality-wise.
Even so, it's very tempting, hmmmm....

Make a proper about page, too.

Make a section for RPG Maker games I'm working on.

Make a section for my art

Make a section for my writing.

Make a section for bands I like and am inspired by. 'Cause why not?

Ooh ooh, on that note, make a section for video games that I like, some of which I've been inspired by!

Learn some dang CSS so I can make my site look cool, dangit!